Saturday, April 25, 2020

wooden pergola

Wooden Pergola : This kind of structure  attractive for out door space as a pergola .you instantly can take shade for patio.We build high quality timber & tiles. This structure made by metal,Pillar,frame then covered by wood strip to each side.It is comfortable for sitting also can be use for car parking shade safe from sun keep cold as well as structural interest  use for landscape .

There is some below  attached wooden pergola shade for different purpose.

This is for patio in simple design utmost attractive with polish finishing in most treated lumber ready for any space as per customized size for new home .We have creative design with all kind tackle & basic tools of installation.

This is for car parking shade in wooden structure with poly carbonate sheet with hollow pillar and hollow frame in wooden finish front of home.

Wooden pergola :-


This one for patio in pyramid shape but in metal structure in hollow section tube with with epoxy paint in lower cost . Top covered by aluminium tiles .

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